My grandmother bought me my first classical guitar at the age of 9 years old in San Antonio, Texas. I think I touched every single instrument in the store and after getting yelled at settled on a Yamaha CG-100A. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of something amazing and open up closed doors and everlasting friendships. 

Tom Rountree was classically trained for 4 years in Highschool under a dutiful and “highly vocal” classical guitar instructor. During this time he played with four other great musicians including one who wrote a symphony at the age of 14. They formed a quartet that played in retirement homes, malls, restaurants, and museums like the Blue Star Contemporary Museum in San Antonio.
I believe strongly in using the power of music to help those who are sick. This is why I regularly visit the surrounding retirement homes, hospitals, and clinics. The people at these places truly appreciate my efforts at playing for them. They often tell me stories of how their grand-children, sons and daughters or significant other played an instrument. The reward from their enjoyment is priceless.


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