Becoming The Professional Classical Guitarist

From Hobbyist to Professional - A Concise Guide


I’m hoping to have my book finished in the next 6 months. I’m excited about bringing my experiences to those who want to accelerate becoming a professional classical guitarist. The book will contain special bonuses like downloadable sample contract, sample business cards, and printable checklists.

Topics included:

1. Catching the Entrepreneurial Spirit

2. Matching Sheet Music to the Event

3. Amps – and what features you need on them.

4. Recording at Home and on the go.

5. Creating a contract  and why you need one.

6. Potential Clients and how to interact with them.

7. Creating your Website and required content.

8. The Art of Practicing at home and outside.

9. Top places to play that maximize income and respect.

10.The use of Social Media to Promote Yourself

And much more!

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