What makes a good community?

Is it just the hard working citizens, the local restaurants, the 24-7 access to critical care, the mom and pop town shops, or maybe the local artisans?

I believe there is a strong value in combining the talents of local businesses with local artisans.

For instance the side of a sandwich shop can be transformed into a beautiful and memorable mural. Attracting passerby’s, Instagram posts and even other talented artists. The artist who painted the mural will get business and the shop owner will too. They will both benefit symbiotically.

Here is a photo that I took from the side of a restaurant in Austin, Tx.

Community Musician









As you can see and simply put artists create attraction.

They have the value of driving customers to the business.

Musical artists have the unique ability to keep customers coming on a repetitive basis. If a guitarist plays at a restaurant, museum, or even a retail store weekly then you can almost guarantee a rise in sales.

The artist will also work to increase traffic to their venue and hence to the business owners address as well.

Artists can increase the satisfaction of parks and recreational areas by:

  • Providing auditory tranquility
  • Designing fascinating benches or picnic tables
  • Painting the wildlife and offering it for sale
  • Creating a new sculpture that reflects the beauty of the environment
  • Paint balling the animals (just kidding!)

If the parks become artistically upgraded then word will get out and this will draw even more out-of-town visitors. So this works out for the local community and government.

In todays world the public expects a “designer delivery” of products and services.

We can start this movement by pairing up local business owners with artisans.


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