Classical guitar lessons are invaluable to everyone of all ages.

For children it provides an opportunity to open their minds to  new world. One in which they will gain confidence in themselves and be able to see that they can give back to others through their own hard work and talented performances. Older generations appreciate the subtle art of the guitar as well. If you’ve always wanted to learn then you should fulfill your dreams and learn the original form of guitar. I have taught for over 10 years and played for over 20. I am also patient and understanding. I too started out struggling but classical guitar can become a lifetime endeavor or favorite pastime.  No matter how far you progress you will enjoy it.

Prices: I charge $30 per hour and each lesson is an hour long.

Times: Due to my limited availability I currently teach on the weekend.

Location: Kirksville, MO

Student Materials List

1. A Classical Guitar

2. Guitar Leg Rest

3. Frederick Noad’s – Solo Guitar Playing

4. Portable Music Stand

*Click the above affiliate links to order materials on Amazon.

Please note while I include a link to a classical guitar above I highly recommend going to a music store to purchase your first guitar. You want to actually feel the guitar in your hands and pluck the strings before purchasing it. I also recommend not getting a Foot Rest because of the potential to lead to back problems in the future.

Click HERE for a PDF of the student materials sheet so that you can use it as a checklist at the music store.

Google Map of Kirskville, MO

Kirksville, MO


If you are a student of mine I will teach you how to market yourself online as well as off-line for $40 dollars per hour (instead of the usual $50/hr). This is excellent if you don’t want to spend a lot of time surfing the web and pouring over videos and books. Learn my tips and tricks in person!


by Sample of a First Year Student Piece


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